Welcome to La Torre Restaurant!

Amalfi Coast’s tastes blended with flavors from Bergamo, to create a unique union of irresistible tastes.




Main meal

“You should try it”

Excellent pizza (actually the last time I ate a calzone), good dough and generous stuffing. Nice staff. Affordable prices.

Andrea C. (Carrara, Italia)


Excellent pizza, staff really nice and comfortable place, easy to reach, so near to the city center. Only a little lack: the park…

limel64 (Provincia di Bergamo, Italia)


Really beautiful. You eat very well, well-finished food, excellent pizza… very comfortable, it’s the ideal place after the Foppa match (it’s really closed to the palanorda). You should try it.

75LostAndFound (Milano, Italia)

“Good pizza”

I have been there only few times but I can say I like it. Pizza is very good and the staff is so nice, unfortunately in one occasion I had to wait a long time. Anyway, I will go back.

Gemma R. (Provincia di Brescia, Italia)

“Really good”

Staff so nice and food so good… Bully for you! You should come to this restaurant. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a place to park.

Paolo C.